“The Grape Thieves”

Design for patchwork and appliqué quilt Most William Morris fans will recognise his famous ‘Strawberry Thief’ design, which was reproduced in the Best of Morris – Fall collection from Moda Fabrics used in this quilt. But the collection was all about the […]


Design for patchwork quilt A personal project designed to show off the lovely, eclectic, script prints in the Memoirs collection by 3 Sisters for Moda Fabrics. I used elements of both Crossed & Recrossed and Jewel Box in a new […]

“Hedgerow Adventures”

Design for patchwork and appliqué quilt The work of Arts and Crafts designer William Morris often has a dark, rich and sometimes heavy feel, but the Morris Garden collection from Moda Fabrics also had plenty of lovely paler prints I […]

“Irish Heirloom”

Design for patchwork and appliqué quilt The reproduction print fabrics from the Regency Ballycastle collection (designed by Christopher Wilson-Tate for Moda Fabrics) featured some lovely border stripes, so the obvious design choice to showcase the collection’s full potential was a […]

“Nesting Spot”

Design for patchwork quilt For this quilt, I had a couple of design goals in mind. I wanted to echo the fabric collection’s name (Nest by Lella Boutique for Moda) in the design, so I created a shape that’s reminiscent […]

“Regency Mariner”

Design for patchwork quilt My first design for the antique reproduction print fabrics from Christopher Wilson-Tate for Moda Fabrics. All his collections are based on prints from his hundreds of antique quilts, and this quilt was designed to showcase Regency […]

“Jewel Box”

Design for mystery patchwork quilt Another quilt designed as a mystery block-of-the-month, this one constructed in units rather than blocks to keep the final design secret until the end of the year. Participants were asked to choose a primary and […]

“Crossed & Recrossed”

Design for patchwork quilt In the nineteenth century, when postage and paper were expensive, letter-writers would often write a page, then turn the paper sideways and write across the lines again to save starting a new sheet. Jane Austen wrote […]

“Secret Garden”

Design for patchwork quilt A design using the classic combination of stars and chains to create a complex-looking quilt that relies primarily on four-patch, half-square triangle and flying geese units. It was designed to showcase the Garden Notes collection (by […]

“Blue Barn”

Design for patchwork quilt My first project for Today’s Quilter magazine, this was designed to showcase the Blue Barn collection designed by Laundry Basket Quilts for Moda Fabrics. The collection included traditional floral and ditzy prints in soft blues, creams […]