“Jewel Box”

Design for mystery patchwork quilt

Another quilt designed as a mystery block-of-the-month, this one constructed in units rather than blocks to keep the final design secret until the end of the year. Participants were asked to choose a primary and secondary colour from the list of Sapphire (blues), Ruby (reds), Emerald (greens), Amethyst (purples), Topaz (oranges/tans), or Onyx (blacks/greys) along with a background of either Diamond (whites) or Pearl (creams). Each colour on the design was made from multiple different fabric prints, and this, along with the different choices of primary, secondary and background colourways meant that each finished quilt was unique.

Size81″ x 81″
(206 cm x 206 cm)
Series or CollectionMystery Club
ForBramble Patch
Pattern availablecontact Bramble Patch

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