About me

I’m Fi (rhymes with “me” not “my”) and I’ve recently revived my website after a long hiatus.

I call myself a designer, maker, and artist because those are the things I’ve loved to do as long as I can remember. But nobody is just about the thing they sell (or want to sell) to others. We’re all about the many different strands that make up our lives, so I am also a gardener, dilettante writer, enthusiastic collector of antique needlecraft tools, amateur genealogist, and sometime gobby bitch. (Fair warning – if swearing offends you, you’re not going to like me much.)

I’m also a Goblin Queen by virtue of many inner critic voices that manifest as a horde of unsavoury but ultimately loveable goblins, led by a particularly vocal character named Mike. At least, that’s what I call him; he won’t tell me his real name as names have power. So Mike the Goblin it is.

Chances are, you’ll find evidence of all of the above and more here on my website. 

Lately, I have been designing quilts for Today’s Quilter magazine and doing marketing and social media work for Bramble Patch, but a few years ago I was a small business administrator and bookkeeper by day while creating textile art for sale in my spare time. Before that, I’ve been an image consultant, a marketing executive, and PA. Before even that, I was on a path to an academic career with my BA Hons (Romance Languages) and a place at Oxford to do post-graduate studies in French and Spanish literature. (It’s a long story why I didn’t take up my place.)

What can I say? I get bored easily.

In February 2019, I went through a significant change in my life when my lovely mum died. I’d been her carer for the last several years, and it left me feeling somewhat lost at sea, wondering where my path is now.

So I’m not sure what comes next – while I will always love stitchcraft, I also want to explore more traditional art subjects like print-making, painting, and illustration. I want to write more. I want to continue to pursue my dream of a sanctuary home for me and the creatures I love. I want to enjoy my enthusiasm for stories from the past, whether I discover them through objects or documents. And I want to share it with others who find my words and work delightful or inspiring.

That’s where you come in…

my “modern cottage garden”