“Oak Man I”

Mixed media embroidery

Green Men are found all over the world, but particularly in northern Europe, where they are often seen carved or painted on churches and other buildings. Scholars still argue about their significance – are they remnants of pre-Christian religions, or depictions of the torments of hell? Whatever their provenance, they appear to have been an important symbol for the medieval people who created them, and for me personally, they are a powerful symbol of the mysteries of the Wildwood, the longevity of trees and the regenerative power of nature.

These green men were originally doodles in a sketchbook which I then had made into thermofax screens for printing on various dyed and printed grounds, before layering with organza, stitching by machine and burning out to reveal the ground. This one is on a tussah silk ground.

Neutral wood frame, ivory matts with lightweight plexiglas glazing.

Series or CollectionGreen Men
Designed byFi Bowman
For sale£25.00

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