“Pearls of Wisdom”

Mixed media textile art

The journey to adulthood can be difficult, no matter what your species. Even mermaids need advice and encouragement from their older, wiser relatives.

This piece was inspired by hearing the phrase “pearls of wisdom” as a theme. I immediately imagined the scene of a mature mermaid dispensing advice and encouragement to younger relatives. I wanted to portray a mermaid who wasn’t young and nubile any more but still had a valued place in their society.

These mermaids swim off the Cornish coast, surrounded by local flora and fauna: a school of pollack, snakelock and jewel anemones, pink sea fans, velvet swimming crabs and tompot blennies.

I began with an image in my head and plain white fabric. Using dyes, paints, layering and stitch, I added colour and texture to translate my vision onto the fabric. Figures were drawn on paper, then copied to fabric, painted, applied, and further worked into the surface with paint and stitch.

Size60″ x 60″
(152 cm x 152 cm)
Series or Collectionn/a
Mediahand-dyed and painted cotton canvas ground, organza and cotton layering, acrylic and oil paint; silk and cotton threads, hand and machine stitch, embellishment
For sale£1000 (including detachable frame) + shipping
Image Licensingcontact me

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