Tales of a Goblin Queen

Welcome to Hobgoblin Cottage!

It’s been a while since I posted here, but I’m really excited (and a little shy) to share what I’ve been working towards all summer: introducing Hobgoblin Cottage Designs, home of quilting and needlework designs to inspire and delight!

Hobgoblin Cottage Designs is the business name I will be using for all my patterns for sale, including the full pattern for The Grape Thieves quilt, which is available NOW from my new online shop and the UKQU website

Hobgoblin Cottage Designs has its own Instagram and Facebook pages, which will be focused primarily on new designs and tips to help you make them – do give them a follow if you’re interested! (My fibowman accounts will continue to be a mix of what I’m creating, my modern cottage home, and personal stuff, including dogs. Okay, lots of dogs.)


What will be available from Hobgoblin Cottage Designs?

Initially, we’re talking about full quilt patterns like the Morris Seasons quilts, and smaller projects based on them (cushion cover patterns based on The Grape Thieves are just about ready to go). Since I was an embroiderer before I was a quilter, I’m also developing some cross-stitch patterns now, and I hope to expand that into stumpwork and surface embroidery too. I’d also like to offer kits in future, but I’m just one woman (with a chronic health condition) so it takes time to get there.

“Hobgoblin Cottage” – what’s that all about?

People who’ve known me a long time know that I have an interesting relationship with goblins, and a chap called Mike the Goblin in particular.  He helped me chose the name. (A hobgoblin is a special breed of goblin who lives in the home and can be be either helpful or malevolent depending on the treatment it receives. Kind of like people, really.)

Hobgoblin Cottage is my cosy retreat surrounded by the sound of wind and water, the fragrance of roses and honeysuckle, and the spirits of hearth, wood and stone. Come inside, see what we’re making and be inspired…

But is it a real place?

Right now, only to me. In the future, who knows? Either way I hope you’ll find creative inspiration here.

Why not just use your name?

Because sometimes an idea is bigger than a single person. As well as a home for my own patterns, I hope to publish quilt and needlework patterns from other designers, particularly newer designers who have their own style and themes but aren’t confident about producing professional patterns. (Is that you? Contact me if you’re curious!)

I’m really excited about this latest step on my new path, but also feeling a little vulnerable and nervous. Any words of encouragement will be gratefully received, and of course, big thanks to my Patrons, whose monthly votes of confidence have been invaluable in helping me get this far!

There are people who will be expecting me to fail – they’re the usual “you can’t make money doing X” crowd. But I have every intention of proving them wrong, and even if I don’t, which is worse – trying and failing, or failing to try?

Thoughts? Let's hear them!