“Lilith II”

Mixed media embroidery

In Jewish mythology, Lilith is described as a female demon; in folklore, as Adam’s first wife, who refused to be subservient to him and departed Eden, before the creation of Eve. She is known by her long, abundant hair, her vanity, and dangerous, seductive femininity. Although there is no direct description of her as a mermaid, mermaids were also associated with vanity and the seduction of unwary men. As soon as I painted the first piece in this design, I knew she was Lilith.

These two pieces are small, mixed media textile pictures of mermaids with abundant hair. They show a range of techniques including hand-dyed grounds, screen printing, hand painting, machine embroidery and layering.

I have also used this design in relief for the lid of a mixed-media box based on mermaids.

Neutral wood frame, ivory matt with lightweight plexiglas glazing.

Series or CollectionLilith
Designed byFi Bowman
For sale£35.00

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