“Hamadryad: Oak”

Mixed media art quilt

The hamadryad is a nymph so closely linked with the tree she inhabits that should it die, she dies also. Like other shy, wild creatures, they can sometimes be spotted in the woods, caught in the fleeting moment between awareness and flight.

As with all these works, I began with plain white fabric and a picture in my head. This was the first time I tackled an illustrative design using an ad hoc combination of techniques in an attempt to achieve the vision of my imagination. Techniques and media included hand-dyeing, thermofax printing, discharge, oil paintsticks, original drawings on paper scanned and digitally printed on fabric, raw-edge appliqué, organza layering and free motion quilting.  

Series or Collectionn/a
Mediahand-dyed and discharged cotton ground, acrylic and oil paint, screen printing on organza layering, machine stitch
For sale£200
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