Quartet of mixed media art quilts

Alchemists and philosophers determined that the world was created of four basic elements and that for each, there existed a creature made of, and attuned to, that element.

Elemental brings together the four alchemical elements – earth, air, fire and water – with their associated cardinal points, astrological signs, colours and seasons. These four small mixed-media art quilts were created from a single piece of hand-dyed fabric. They also incorporate hand-painted and stencilled fabrics, metallic foils, machine stitch, and embellishment.

Images of this piece have been used in various commercial contexts, including the cover of a book. Please contact me for licensing information. (Original now in a private collection.)

Size40″ x 40″
(102 cm x 102 cm)
Series or Collectionn/a
Mediahand-dyed and painted cotton ground, acrylic and oil paint; machine stitch, embellishment
For saleno
Image Licensingcontact me

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