“Dryad: Field Maple”

Mixed media textile art In this piece created specifically for the 2012 Milton Keynes Outside In exhibition, I wanted to portray a dryad (tree spirit) with an associated green man who ages over the course of the seasons and the wheel […]

“Pearls of Wisdom”

Mixed media textile art The journey to adulthood can be difficult, no matter what your species. Even mermaids need advice and encouragement from their older, wiser relatives. This piece was inspired by hearing the phrase “pearls of wisdom” as a […]

“We Must Not Look at Goblin Men”

Mixed media art quilt We must not look at goblin men,We must not buy their fruits:Who knows upon what soil they fedTheir hungry, thirsty roots? (from Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti) This piece is based on Goblin Market, Christina Rossetti‘s […]


Quartet of mixed media art quilts Alchemists and philosophers determined that the world was created of four basic elements and that for each, there existed a creature made of, and attuned to, that element. Elemental brings together the four alchemical elements […]

“Hamadryad: Oak”

Mixed media art quilt The hamadryad is a nymph so closely linked with the tree she inhabits that should it die, she dies also. Like other shy, wild creatures, they can sometimes be spotted in the woods, caught in the […]